Six Interactive Sex Toys That Have Revolutionized The Cam Girl Industry!

The cam industry has gone from strength to strength in the past 20 years, and bandwidth and streaming speeds aren’t the only things that have proliferated.

One of the biggest developments on the cam scene is the interactive sex toy. Pioneered by industry leaders Lovense, interactive vibrators, dildos and fucking machines are now so ubiquitous as to be industry standard. It’s a rare cam girl who doesn’t have a tip-activated Lovense ready to go – it’s fun for her, fun for the tipper, and great for her bottom line.

Because interactive sex toys are now de rigeur for any cam girl worth her salt, a lot of money has been poured into R&D for the next big interactive sex toy – making for a lot of exciting new tech on the market and turning live sex cams into a far more interactive alternative than voyeur porn.

Let’s take a look at the best examples of that tech and what makes it all so great for horny voyeurs.

Lovense Vibrators 

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Lovense’s entire business model revolves around cam-compatible sex toys, and so it’s no surprise that they’re the benchmark for the whole industry.

Lovense vibrators are compact and lightweight yet pack a powerful vibration when activated at max intensity. This intensity is completely customisable, however, and can be programmed to vary in power according to how big of a tip is given.

It’s a rarity if you don’t see a cam girl with a Lovense vibrator in, and they’re immediately recognisable due to their iconic, minimalistic design. They’re also quickly recharged, meaning less downtime, and its antenna means you’re not going to accidentally lose it up yourself.

The Shockspot Fuck Machine

Lovense has its own (pretty damn good) fuck machine, but for the ultimate in tip-responsive cam machines, the Shockspot cannot be beaten.

The Shockspot offers both speed and power, and can be controlled entirely by way of the bundled controller, meaning that you can alter the speed, thrust depth and power all on the fly during a show – making for a better experience for both you and your viewers.

It can also be linked to your account, allowing viewers to control the speed of the Shockspot (but only the speed). Even in that instance, it can be overridden if it’s getting too much.

The Shockspot is also compatible with Skype, meaning that you can also use it with your partner(s) outside of cam sites. All in all, it’s the best fuck machine on the market.

The We-Vibe Chorus


While the Lovense is a great all-rounder for live sex cams, it’s not always the best choice for private shows. For that, it’s a good idea to look at the specialist We-Vibe Chorus.

This flexible, adjustable toy is the perfect choice for private chats because it’s designed to clamp both inside and out, ensuring stimulation of both the clitoris and G-spot. It’s small enough that it doesn’t block penetration with a dildo or another vibrator, too – and can even be used as a makeshift dildo.

Sadly, it’s not compatible with cam-site software, so it can’t be activated by tips or anything else. However, for one-on-one shows, it’s great for a little extra stimulation.

Saddle-Style Fuck Machines

Fuck machines like the Shockspot are great for certain positions, but when it comes to cowgirl or reverse cowgirl, they’re simply not equipped for it.

That’s where saddle-style fuck machines come in. Models like the Motorbunny and Cowgirl provide a powerful base mechanism over which you can attach your dildo of choice and go to town. They also have variable vibration patterns, and you can vary the dildo’s direction, too, in order to mix things up.

Both the Motorbunny and Cowgirl can also be app-controlled, allowing your viewers to dictate the action and making things more exciting for everyone all around. The Cowgirl is the more expensive model, but the Motorbunny is actually more powerful and sports O-ring support so you can restrain yourself.

The OhMiBod Esca 2

Though Lovense is the undisputed ruler of the roost when it comes to interactive sex toys, OhMiBod is a close contender with their line of tip-activated vibrators.

The most popular of their line is the OhMiBod Esca 2. This is designed more with the viewer than the cam model in mind; whenever a tip is made, the antenna of the Esca 2 lights up, indicating that it’s vibrating. This makes things a little more authentic and offers the viewer visual confirmation that their tip is being put to work, turning the girl on and, hopefully, transforming her into a cross-eyed mess or orgasmic pleasure. It also assures them that the model isn’t faking it.

If there’s one downside to the Esca 2, it’s that its battery life isn’t quite as long as that of its Lovense competitors, so it might be necessary to switch it out during a particularly lengthy session. Aside from that, however, it’s a solid alternative to Lovense’s range.

Kiiroo Teledildonics Toys


Often touted as the future of the interactive sex toy industry, Kiiroo’s teledildonics toys are the ultimate in mutually sensual remote sex play and are a common site on adult webcam sites like PDCams.

The premise behind these toys is simple – what one partner does with their toy, the other partner feels from theirs. The active partner has a fleshlight-style cup, and the passive one a dildo. The genius of the design comes in when, for instance, the passive partner simulates oral sex on their dildo. The active partner, their dick firmly in place in the fleshlight, can ‘feel’ their partner’s mouth on their dick as if they were there.

This goes just as well for handjobs and penetrative sex and basically ensures that your viewers are, in a way, able to actually have sex with you. The massive appeal of this to many cam viewers is obvious.

There are downsides to such a setup, of course. For one, both partners are required to have matching sex toys from Kiiroo. This means it’s impractical for casual viewers (and impossible for group shows). It’s, therefore, only really feasible for long-term private viewers who are willing to buy their own Kiiroo fleshlight.

That said, if they’ve got the funds and the willingness, it’s the most immersive remote sexual experience possible.


We’ve barely scratched the surface of the kind of interactive sex toys that are available in today’s market, but we hope that the ones we have listed have given you an idea of just some of the possibilities available.

Remember that the right interactive sex toys can boost your viewership and the satisfaction of those viewers. No self-respecting cam girl should turn on her feed without at least a couple of these, so make sure you invest well.

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