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    I was staying over my buddies mom's house one weekend recently. My buddy kept talking on facetime to his GF all night long and the way he was talking to her showed me he is totally pussy whipped. His GF is very hot though and I am kinda jealous of him getting to bang her all the time as she is a bit of a nympho. I was feeling so tired as the night was getting late. My buddy said he was going to invite his girl over to have some fun. I was like, fuck I am tired but I do really like to get off watching him and her get it on as a couple when they don't know I am watching them. I was having micro sleeps and needed to pass out asap. I thought of a great bright idea to set up my go pro camera in his bathroom to capture their sexy shower time later tonight. I figured with me sleeping in his room they will probably just take there fun time to the shower room instead. I was sort of right. The only problem was I ended up capturing my buddies mom in the bathroom having sexy time with her new BF. I was kinda grossed out but kinda turned on at the same time. I still jerked off to it then uploaded it to voyeurboss for all of you to enjoy. I never realized his mom was such a cock hungry beast.

    Spycam captures mom instead of friend with his GF

    Title: Spycam captures mom instead of friend with his GF

    Added on: February 23rd, 2017

    Category: Voyeur

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