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    Here we have Ryanair trying to get some PR nightmare exposure. We thought the United Airlines fight club was fucking mental but this takes the cake. Fuck yeah Ryanair you really know how to do your PR shit and even Gary Vaynerchuk would be proud of this.

    Here is a man who is engaged with a prego wife at home tuning and picking up a slut on a flight to Ibiza. We all know that Ibiza is home of the best and cheapest drugs in the world and obviously these two have had a sneaky pill or two during their Ryanair flight.

    Before the video starts the guy and girl are talking loudly about joining the mile high club and just fucking in their seats rather than going to the lavatory. The other passengers around them thought they we just fucked up and full of shit. Then all of a sudden the girl pulls down her panties and straddles the guy in his seat. Next minute she pulls his cock out of his trousers and guides it into her loose vaggina.

    The slut rides him for a while as a few passengers were starting to catch on to what was happening. Some of the passengers were cheering while others we smart enough to pull out their phones and record it so they could upload it to voyeur boss when they landed in Ibiza.

    Ryanair Flight Fuck Full Video

    Title: Ryanair Flight Fuck Full Video

    Added on: June 13th, 2017

    Category: Voyeur

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