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    Drinking with a chubby tattoo covered homegirl we started getting hungry after have some foreplay, handplay and fucking for about 30 minutes. We decided to order some pizza to hit the hunger spot. While waiting for the pizza boy to arrive we started talking about truth or dare. We were discussing the most craziest truths and dares we have ever done. My girl was getting a bit horny and said if I pay for the pizza she will expose herself to the pizza guy. I said, sure bitch. So she got ready and had just a towel covering her naked bod. We heard the pizza boy's car turn up and park in the drive. She then got into position and started the show. She actually did it. I didn't think she would. I think the pizza boy jizzed in his pants looking at those titties and hot wet pussy.

    pizza dare girl exposes hot body to delivery boy

    Title: pizza dare girl exposes hot body to delivery boy

    Added on: February 22nd, 2017

    Category: Voyeur

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