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    These chubby club reps aren't backwards in coming forwards. They will do anything to make sure hotel guests enjoy their stay. At this hotel it is spring break time and there are many horny lads around the pool area. The hotel club reps decide it is a good idea to do a blowjob competition to get all the guest excited and ready to party. The guys on stage put their hands down their board shorts to rub themselves hard so when the competition starts their cocks don't look like Asian dicks. The club reps gets down on their knees in front of the boys and take their cocks into their mouths. They suck for a while, occasionally looking over at each other to see if they are still sucking penis. One of the girls stops sucking and stands up but they other keeps going as she wants the boy to jizz in her mouth. He looks like he is pre-cumming at the end of the BJ. We love hotel club reps.

    Hotel club reps are crazy and get the party started

    Title: Hotel club reps are crazy and get the party started

    Added on: March 8th, 2017

    Category: Voyeur

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