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    I filmed this man fucking a girl against a range rover. Earlier that day I heard him saying that he was rich and shit, but it was my buddies range rover that he was saying that he owned. I knew he was lieing so I wanted to get him back, for being a $20k millionaire. So later that day I was in my car ready to leave the party and I saw the guy walking over towards the range rover with a girl that he had picked up. They got close to the car when she signaled for him to open the door. At this point he panicked and just kissed the slut. So then they started making out hard and then fucking next to the car. Eventually after he had came she said, let's go for a drive. And he just walked away. What a dumb slut falling for that fake ass piece of shit.

    He told her it was his range rover

    Title: He told her it was his range rover

    Added on: May 24th, 2017

    Category: Voyeur

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