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    I was down at the nudist beach on the weekend just gone. I was walking around in the buff looking for some hot fucking to jerk off to. Some days I find couples and they let me join in and I get my cock sucked. One day I even got to fuck a cute girl but she made me put a condom on first. On the weekend I was wandering around for about an hour then I spotted this couple. They were doggy fucking hard on the beach. I faced them and they signaled me over to watch them. They wouldn't let me join them but it is obvious they get off on people watching them bang. Lucky I had my hidden camera mounted on me so I can prove this actually happened. I fucking love nudist beaches.

    Filming a nudist beach fuck on hidden camera

    Title: Filming a nudist beach fuck on hidden camera

    Added on: May 16th, 2017

    Category: Voyeur

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