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    These drunk teens were at a wedding earlier in the night held at this fancy hotel. They were dancing and getting very wasted. Once the wedding ended they started making out in and around the hotel. In areas such as the pool area and even in the elevator. We could see this on the camera and were worried our fellow residents would complain soon.

    We went to where they were last seen but could not find them. We knew what room they were staying in so myself and another security officer went up to their room to make sure everything was ok, and to also give them a warning about their behavior. Whilst walking down their hallway we could hear sexual moaning so I decided to get out my camera and start filming. We couldn't believe they would actually fuck in the hotel hallway.

    drunk teens could not make it to the hotel room

    Title: drunk teens could not make it to the hotel room

    Added on: March 19th, 2018

    Category: Voyeur

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