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    Drunk lad inviting this girl he was tuning on tinder over for some fun. He said he had a baggie and she could have as many lines as she liked if she would let him fuck her. She agreed and the lad and his mates didn't think the bitch would show up. "Like fuck she will show up" Dave said as he pounding into the white lightning.

    About 30 minutes had passed and the boys were ready to head out to the clubs. They had all but given up on their sluzza rocking up. Then all of a sudden their was a knock at the door. They each looked at each other, as if to say the fucking cops are onto us.

    One of the lads walks over to the door as another grabs the baggie ready to flush it if necessary. Then in jumps a crazy ass chick. She is horny as fuck and acting like sperm is air to her. She asks to see the coke and takes a little bump to sample it. She is instantly in love and starts making out with the boy she was chatting to on tinder. She doesn't seem phased by the fact that about four of his drunk mates are in the room too. She slowly removes the boys clothes. By now he is toeier than a roman sandal and keen to get it in. They start fucking and the guys mate films him getting it in like flynn.

    drunk lad filming his mate getting it in like flynn

    Title: drunk lad filming his mate getting it in like flynn

    Added on: May 13th, 2018

    Category: Voyeur

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