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    I filmed my buddy getting a BJ in the public park down the road from a girl he just met on fish4sex. It all started earlier that day when he was showing me half nude selfies of the young girl he was trying to tune on the website fish4sex. I didn't believe him and thought she was catfishing him for sure. But he agreed to meet her IRL. I was like 'dude, it will be an old fat man'. But he insisted we go to the park for the meet. And he wanted me to come along and make sure it was all legit. So we started walking to the park. I was giving him so much shit on the way and saying that he will be kidnapped and rape by some man in just a few minutes time. We arrived at the public park and within about 5 minutes we spotted my buddies girl in the distant. So we split up and he went to work. I was watching them and within no time they were making out. Soon after that she had pulled out his cock and was discretely massaging it. I had to take my camera out and film it. I couldn't believe she would start giving him a BJ in front of so many people in the park. I am getting on fish4sex tonight and fishing for some pussy of my own.

    Discrete BJ in public park from girl he just met on fish4sex

    Title: Discrete BJ in public park from girl he just met on fish4sex

    Added on: April 14th, 2017

    Category: Voyeur

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