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    I was watching these two dudes making out and fondling this chick on the dancefloor. She seemed so horny and loved the attention. I was busy dancin with a girl that I thought was ready to go home with me. She bailed and ran off with her friends. So as I was then leaving the club I saw these two dudes getting lead into the male restrooms by the girl. I thought, fuck yes, I am going to go and watch them fucking pound this slut. So I walked into the cubical next to where I knew they had gone into. I got up on the toilet seat and got my camera out and started filming. I saw one of the boys jerking off to the other boy having the girl bounce on his dick while he was sitting on the throne. Fuck yes, I love toilet cubical fucking.

    Caught Night Club

    Title: Caught Night Club

    Added on: July 7th, 2016

    Category: Voyeur

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